Waterproof Cable Gland & Antenna Accessories

Build-to-Configuration Cable & Antenna Accessories

There are a big range of standard cable and antenna tooled components can be choose from to upgrade your indoor system to a reliable and robust industrial outdoor devices, which can last for 10 years.
Cable gland, dust cover and sealings

It is critical that your system is 100% secured with reliable UL approved cable gland and the dust cap. With various colour, suitable for different cable O.D. and applications, such as fiber optical, suge protection, PoE, power connection, we developed a wide range of glands and conduit to protect your equipments from damage and corrossion.
Antenna Mounting bracket and adapter board

We understand how desperate you are to present your final piece with secure support, perfect display angle yet easy installation to the staff. GTT has over 10 years outdoor antenna installation experience with our worldwide customers. Our design includes stainless mounting bracket and die cast bracket, for wall mount, pole mount, cable mount, ceiling mount. You could simply complete your design with our various industrial grade mounting brackets!

Gore Vent membrane technology

All of our enclosures are designed to fit GORE vent in rear side. This is to ensure all parts function well in extreme weather conditions. From PMF-6, PMF-12, PMF-12M to PMF-32 and VSC adhesive series, we stock most of the common used vent. For more details please CLICK HERE for PDF file or make inquiry to our sales team.