Waterproof Aluminum Enclosures & Boxes

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure - Grand-Tek

Solid and durable IP67/IP68 aluminum enclosures for electronics attached to panel or sector antennas in different frequencies. Shields against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Resistant to UV, rusting corrosion, 96 hours salt spray test and up to 320 hours special marine grade coating available. Operation temperature ranging from -40 degree to +85 degree with Grand-Tek special thermal dissipation solution up to 65 Watts. Durable gasket/ O-ring sealing mechanism for D2/D3 pulling test. Each size available with unique hole pattern for waterproof cable gland, waterproof ethernet connector and/or vent IP67 solution. Mast and wall mounting kits available. IP67 /NEMA 4, IEC/EN60950-22, EN62368 (to-be-discussed), RoHS, REACH, compliance. For special ATEX application, please contact our sales team for further engineering advice.