Formosa - Large Plastic/Aluminum NEMA Enclosure

A magic box sailing to a beautiful land

Formosa A magic box sailing to a beautiful land - Grand-Tek

Our Formosa enclosure is the largest size enclosure we provide that can be made from either Polycarbonates by injection molding or aluminum by die casting. The outer dimensions of the enclosure are : 310 mm x 310 mm x 81.4 mm; ; Accommodating PCB dimensions up to : 159-205 mm x 240-260 mm. The material is protected against UV rays. With just a small quantity of order, we can provide an enclosure adapted to any application. Formosa enclosure has an opening suited for six waterproof cable gland and/or waterproof ethernet, or any other interface connector from our M-smart® range, such as LED, USB, fiber optical, SIM, or power connection. Formosa can have up to 6 RF antenna access holes. Along with the enclosure, the customer can optionally choose a set of accompanying components: mast mounting, wall mounting, mounting with tilt option, fixing without tilting down, coaxial cable jumpers, surge arrestors, grounding cable, and so on. The whole set of enclosure is made of the highest quality materials and is intended for use even in the most demanding weather conditions. IP67 /NEMA 4, IEC/EN60950-22, EN62368 (to-be-discussed), RoHS, REACH, compliance.

  • Formosa, the largest sized enclosure
  • Outer dimensions: 310 mm x 310 mm x 81.4 mm
  • Accommodating PCB dimensions up to: 159-205 mm x 240-260 mm (details with discussion)
  • 4 x RF ports to the top & 6 x M25 I/O data ports to the bottom
  • Aluminum Alloy Die Cast– SurTec® 650
  • Salt Spray 96hrs
  • IP67 full protection from dust and water ingress
  • EN60950.22 ready
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 120°C

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