Gore Protective Vents

Gore Protective Vent Membrane Technology - Grand-Tek

Protective Vents for Outdoor Electronics

Outdoor enclosures are continuously exposed to harsh environments such as rainstorms, dust, sand, and strong winds. During changing environmental conditions, pressure can get higher inside a sealed enclosure, putting stress on seals. Over time stress causes seals to fail, which allows water, corrosive liquids, salt, and particulates to enter the enclosure, damaging then the internal electronics. Grand-Tek uses Gore Vent Membrane Technology to protect sensitive electronics, ensuring the good function of every component in the enclosure despite extreme weather conditions.

Gore Vent Membrane Technology equalizes pressure and reduce condensation by allowing air to flow freely into and out of the sealed enclosure. Simultaneously, Gore Vent Membrane Technology provides a durable barrier to protect the electronics from contaminants. As a result, it improves reliability, increases safety, and extends product’s life for your sealed electronic devices. The Gore Vent Membrane Technology is our most used product for this type of usage, ranging from PMF-12 to PMF-12M, while VSC adhesive series can also be an option but are subject to availabilities.

Gore Vent Membrane Technology - Lighting Enclosures

Lighting enclosure vents with Gore Vent Membrane Technology rapidly equalizes pressure while blocking water and contaminants, also improving products’ performances and lifetime.

Gore Vent Membrane Technology equalizes pressure when the enclosure is exposed to environmental temperature changes, or temperature changes related to the light turning on and off. A pressure differential is created between the enclosure air volume and the environment. These pressure changes put extreme stress on the housing seals, over time causing them to fail and allow moisture and other contaminants to enter. Gore Vent Membrane Technology equalizes pressure by allowing air to pass through the membrane.

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