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Integrated & Design Services

We have industrial cable/antenna testing lab & 20 years+ of experience.
Our service includes mechanical design, thermal stimulation, EMI trouble shooting, or simply cable performance test are all available.
We have our own chambers for customising antenna.
GTT promise integrated & complete service to our customer.

The service would take about the soonest 48 hours to finish (T&C applies) and we would be able to provide relevant reports (T&C applies) to support your invention/production.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Mechanical/ ID Design - Grand-Tek

Mechanical/ ID Design

Customize Your Antenna - Grand-Tek

Customize Your Antenna

Custom Cable Harness Assembly - Grand-Tek

Custom Cable Harness Assembly

EMI Testing Equipment - Grand-Tek

EMI Testing Equipment

Certification Advisor - Grand-Tek

Certification Advisor