Thermal Solution

WHY do you need our thermal design?

5G/WiFI-6E communication need faster and bigger data transmission, which release higher heat from the electronic components. This is especially crucial for the outdoor or fan-less system, such as, a IP67 Wifi router, an edge computing equipment, C-V2X application, etc.

To maintain the products'life and performances, the system needs to cool down thanks to a thermal solution.

As the terminal devices design become more compact and consume more power, thermal solutions will be developed in response to these intensified thermal demand.

Thermal Solution - Grand-Tek

HOW a thermal solution works?

A first solution is to use conduction, meaning transferring the heat to another place.
Ex of conductive components used: Gap Pad/ Adhesive/Heat Pipe/ Vapor Chamber.

A second thermal solution is to generate convection, meaning exchange hot and cold air to lower the temperature in the room. Ex: Installing a fan.

Thermal Solution - Grand-Tek

Our complete Thermal Solution package

They are several ways of solving thermal issues in an enclosed electronical system. We have a dedicated thermal team who collaborates with Mechanical Engineers, Electronic Engineers and Radio Frequency Engineers. We listen to your needs, analyze your system and the material of the components to then advise you with an efficient solution.
Our goal is NOT to sell you a thermal component but to provide you with the best integrated thermal solution for your device to optimize its performances.

Thermal Solution - Grand-Tek
Find your most suitable Thermal Solution!

Contact us to know more about our thermal solutions. Our engineers conduct thermal, mechanical and design studies to analyze which solution is the most suitable for your system.

Check our subsystem & enclosures using thermal solutions!