What is Thermal Design And How does it Work?

What is Thermal Design?

Thermal design refers to incorporating the necessary thermal management through thermal simulations.

WHY do you need our thermal design?

5G/WiFI-6E communication need faster and bigger data transmission, which release higher heat from the electronic components. This is especially crucial for the heat dissipation in electrical enclosures or fan-less system, such as, a IP67 Wifi router, an edge computing equipment, C-V2X application, CPE, RRU, small cell etc.

To maintain the products’ life and performances, the system needs to cool down thanks to a thermal solution.

As the terminal devices design become more compact and consume more power, thermal solutions will be developed in response to these intensified thermal demand.

Thermal Solution - Grand-Tek

The Tasks of Thermals

Heat Insulation Design: Design for decreasing the heat transfer to enhance the insulation purpose.
Enhance Heat Transfer and Temperature Control : Design for improving heat transfer to decrease component and housing temperature to meet thermal specification.

HOW a thermal solution works?

A first solution is to use conduction, meaning transferring the heat to another place. The thermal conductivity of different materials will affect the thermal efficiency. Ex of conductive components used: Heat Pipe/ Vapor Chamber / thermofin

The type of the thermal designs, hotspot, heat pipe, fan. - Grand-Tek