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The demand for electronic components is increasing year by year, and global companies are gradually cooperating with different business models. From the beginning, OEM( Original Equipment Manufacturer ), ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), and JDM(Joint Design Manufacturer) are all manufacturing models that often appear in electronic manufacturing services.
Grand-tek technology has own production line, provides SMT process services, and testing equipment, complete and quality manufacturing standards, to solve time and cost problems for customers.

SMT Production - Grand-Tek

SMT Production

What does surface mount mean?
Surface-mount technology is a technology for mounting electronic components on the PCB. It prints solder paste on the PCB, installs various SMD parts, and then reflows with hot air to combine the electronic parts with the PCB. A process that can be fully automated.

SMT Production - Grand-Tek

What are the advantages of surface mount technology?

  • Less internal connecter.
  • Easier on-line assembly, more efficient and less failures.
  • More robust, more reliable.

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SMT Production - Grand-Tek

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SMT Production - Grand-Tek

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SMT Production - Grand-Tek