Heat Dissipation in Electrical Enclosures

Electronic components dissipate heat which makes the device break down and decreases its lifespan. This is many designers overlooked aspects but important parts of electronic equipment.

Why do calculate the thermal balance of an electrical enclosure?

When designing the heat dissipation in electrical enclosures, it is not only necessary to evaluate the temperature environment inside the enclosure. It is also necessary to know the external ambient temperature where the enclosure is installed. Because heat dissipation is to transfer of heat energy from the internal heat source to the outside. The temperature of the external environment will affect the heat dissipation in electrical enclosures.

Heat dissipation in electrical enclosures-NEMA Enclosure Thermal Design - Grand-Tek

The types of heat generated inside the enclosure

Electronic products generate heat when they are in operation. And this heat source may come from Power supplies/Semiconductor devices/Relays/Inverters/Terminal blocks, etc., so there may be only one or more heat sources. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the electrical enclosure is very important.

An example of a thermal image that points out power supplies, semiconductor devices, relays, inverters, and terminal blocks. - Grand-Tek

Factors That Affect Enclosure Temperature?

It will be understood from the above that, in addition to the heat source in the enclosure, the heat dissipation in the external electrical enclosure will be affected.

  • In the installation direction of the casing (vertical or horizontal), the hot air will rise, so the vertical installation of the enclosure, the heat transfer mode is relatively simple. Horizontal installation, it may be more complicated。
  • The wall material on which the enclosure is installed.
  • The surface paint on the outside of the enclosure, some paints are thermally conductive and can help dissipate heat.
  • The color of the enclosure, dark colors absorb heat from the external environment more than light colors.

How does the Grand-tek's NEMA Enclosure help with heat dissipation?

Grand-tek's NEMA Enclosure is designed for outdoor environments. With IP67 full protection, dust, and water / NEMA 4 protection certification. Can be used even in the harshest weather conditions.
The material of the enclosure is using AL alloy die-casting. Because the thermal conductivity of this material is about 90~130 (W/m°C). It has the effect of conduction heat dissipation. Our enclosure can be used as a heat sink.

Heat dissipation in electrical enclosures-NEMA Enclosure Thermal Design - Grand-Tek

Enhanced thermal design in the enclosure.

Case 1: Embed the heat pipes or VC into an enclosure.
If the chips layout and the heats are too concentrated. We can embed the heat pipes / VC into the enclosure to increase heat spreading efficiency. Heat dissipation in electrical enclosures efficiency can be increased by 20%.

Heat dissipation in electrical enclosures-NEMA Enclosure Thermal Design - Grand-Tek

Case 2: Enclosure plus thermal fins.
Our enclosures are designed with slots on the back. Thermal fins can be pressed into the back to increase heat dissipation in the electrical enclosure. Refrigerant is injected into the thermal fin. Heat dissipation efficiency can be increased by 50%.

Heat dissipation in electrical enclosures-NEMA Enclosure Thermal Design - Grand-Tek

How to solve your heat dissipation in electrical enclosures?

As 5G innovation has been more and more prosperous, small, and compact; however, reliability is always the top priority for successful products. We use CST/SolidWorks simulation software for heat flow simulations. Relying on years of successful experience, we can find the most suitable package for our customers and has complete verification equipment, equipment verification for outdoor environments, and even extreme weather conditions。 Solve heat dissipation in electrical enclosures at one time.

Heat dissipation in electrical enclosures-NEMA Enclosure Thermal Design - Grand-Tek

The first step in thermal design is to understand your device. Find out your thermal solution based on electronic device design. You can choose our enclosure or send an inquiry.

Thermal design according to your needs.