V. Industrial IoT Antenna Solutions- Integrated & Design Service 5G Application Thermal Solution

With 5G thermal system, transmission with high efficiency even if the heat is on!

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With the increasing of needs in markets, the network communication is developing in high-level. It not only requires high data transmission speed, seamless internet connection, increasing system capacity and connecting steadily but also be eco-friendly to environment and lightweight and aesthetic at the same time. Meanwhile, thermal system is the key element to make system operate smoothly.

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Grand-Tek introduces plenty of professional thermal technology teams. According to customers’ requirements, our team can provide variety of services and plans to meet your requirements. With installing Gore patent designs, our plans will keep the temperature and pressures from inside to outside and ensure that the installing operates successfully.

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IoT technology has diverse applications. Plus the 5G frequency band is open. The demand for equipment that can support 5G is also getting higher and higher. GTT's exclusive design industrial IoT antenna can support Telit 5G modules. Provide GTT IoT antenna. For your reference or contact.

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