Internet of Vehicles Solution-FAKRA Connector

As wireless connections become more common, related applications appear in various fields one after another.
The logistics industry installs equipment on the transport fleet to monitor dash cams, temperature sensors, and vehicle trackers instantly.
Such applications can analyze or predict potential transportation conditions, thereby greatly improving transportation efficiency.

Internet of Vehicles Solution-FAKRA Connector - Grand-Tek

Grand-Tek Technology can provide the design of the automotive Cable Harness assembly and it is equipped with a sturdy FAKRA connector to prevent the function from failing and affecting driving safety.
There are up to 13 types of FAKRA connectors, which are designed for easy installation.
In addition, GTT's exclusive design - Robust Metal FAKRA, the metal material is stronger and can withstand a tensile force of up to 50Kgf.
Rather than just being rugged, it's also IP67/68 water-resistant, making your vehicle installation even safer.

Internet of Vehicles Solution-FAKRA Connector - Grand-Tek