Understanding FAKRA Connector Types

What is FAKRA?

FAKRA is the abbreviation of "Fachkreis Automobil" in German, and it was originally used for car radio antenna connections. Now FAKRA has become a common standard RF connector and is widely used in the automobile industry. FAKRA connectors are typically embedded within a plastic housing that features multiple color codes for easy identification and unique keying to prevent mismatching. Also, these FAKRA connectors  have to lock to ensure that the connectors are installed in place.

GTT FAKRA connectors

Grand-Tek FAKRA connector and U.FL jumper cable assembly ranges are designed to fulfill the strict requirements of the automotive industry, such as assets tracking, autonomous cars, cold chain management, smart parking, E-tolls, etc. We offer 13 different colors of FRAKRA housing that are useable for multiple applications. The FAKRA are listed with coding as shown in the picture below, and the most common ones are Code C, D, I, and Z.

FAKRA 連接器 - Grand-Tek
FAKRA 連接器 - Grand-Tek

13 different colors of FRAKRA housing - Grand-Tek

Also, our FAKRA connectors resist a pulling force over 30kgf, which is far more than standard ones!

Regarding our standard plastic FAKRA connector type, it is usually paired with SMB & RG174 or 316 cables. However, Grand-Tek thinks out of the box and proposes you several options, like SMA with OD 1.37/1.32mm cables! We support you in customizing your wireless equipment and hardware despite the standard rules, and we always make sure your system follows international regulations and certifications.

Metal Fakra Jumpers for OD1.37/OD1.32mm - Grand-Tek

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