FAKRA Connector/ U.FL Jumper Aseembly

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GTT's FAKRA connector/U.FL jumper assembly range was been especially designed to fulfill the tough requirements of the automotive industry, such as assets tracking, antonymous car, cold chain management, smart parking, E-tolls, etc.
We offer 13 different colour FAKRA coding house applies to different applications.
The most common ones are Code C, D, I and Z, see below for the color scheme.

For anti-vibration installation, we strongly suggest our customers to use our patented metal FAKRA range.
Take code C & D for comparison as these two are the most adapted in our application.
Compare to standard FAKRA, which is nomally plastic housing, both GTT plastic & metal FAKRA series emphasise the metal body.
The differences are specified in below picture.

Our own FAKRA connectors ensure pulling force over 30kgf, which is far more than standard one. We have done the connectoer pulling force test for three orientations.
The result shows GTT own metal version can ensure the pulling force over 50kgf, leading this to the toughest one of the three.

Even more, under harsh environment, we are able to offer IP67/68 waterproof metal FAKRA to keep your devices safe and dry.
If you need technical information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

As standard one, it usually paired with SMB & RG174 or 316 cable. However, GTT could offer you other options like SMA with OD 1.37/1.32mm cables.
This enables you to customise your equipment & hardware despite the standard rules.
We have our plastic FAKRA testing result for your reference.
Againg, we are here to offer you an suitable solution so do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions!