Grand-Tek Technology Antenna Technology-Helix GPS Antenna

With the development of wireless network technology, outdoor communication equipment can integrate LTE/WIFI/GPS network, and one machine can send and receive signals in different frequency bands. Since 2006, Grand-Tek Technology has provided customers with integrated solutions for outdoor communication systems.
Our outdoor subsystem enclosure-GLB , with 6 RF antenna access holes, can not only easily meet the functions of three frequency bands. It can also increase the number of antennas to increase the signal strength. In several years of projects, Grand-tek technology has helped customers solve institutional integration problems. Among them, it is found that the L1/L5 GPS antenna will interfere with the antenna due to its shape, so our customers must install additional brackets and wires.
But this will not only increase the cost of the product, but also increase the production time. To help customers, solve this problem of increasing costs. We changed the shape of the antenna. The original L1/L5 GPS antenna usually uses a patch antenna. We changed to Helix antenna. Extend the L1/L5 GPS antenna without affecting the size of the bottom and use the same N-Plug connector to directly install it on our GLB.
GTT not only can integrate outdoor systems, but also have the technology of custom antennas . Let your project be completed quickly.

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Grand-tek Antenna Technology-Helix GPS Antenna - Grand-Tek