More convenient life: Smart infrastructure

Siemens recently updated its managerial software, Desigo CC, which is the core managerial role of smart infrastructure. Desigo CC V5.0 provides users integration functions, so that it can be applied to different devices. Second, its higher level for cybersecurity offers another option. Siemens claims Desigo CC is more convenient and easier than VPN's operation process. No matter to monitor buildings 'data or manage infrastructures' internet security, Siemen pursues offering future-proof and easily managerial service for smart infrastructure. (For more information:

Beside managerial software, antenna one of the basic factors of smart infrastructure. Grand-Tek offer you outdoor Lora/Sigfox/NB-IoT antenna and indoor/outdoor 5G cellular antennas. Above all antennas have good performance that can make your sensors and devices communicate stably. Second, Grand-Tek NEMA grade subsystem platform provides you waterproof electrical hardware enclosure. Together with our outdoor antenna, port options and mounting hardware, it can suit most applications. Furthermore, Grand-Tek provide you one-stop service, our professional R&D team would like to help you to customize your antenna. To meet your expectation is Grand-Tek mission. Welcome to contact us and hope we can help you indeed.