Military Communication Power Supplies

The soldiers stand on the tank with antenna system and military power supply device. - Grand-Tek

The mission critical wireless communication power supply in remote or hazardous area is crucial to special application, for instance, military base camp abroad, oil rug on Pacific Ocean and fuel power stations. Faced to hazard environment, there are some certifications to test the quality to against those unpredictable damage.
Grand-Tek is willing to help our customer with power supply design and to obtain the relevant certification with our engineering resources. Our standard waterproof antenna and enclosure can meet UL/EN60950 or TUV standard.

What is ATEX certification?
One of most reliable international standards, ATEX certification, is the verification of the design specification. Manufacturer's products must meet relevant regulation for ensuring the safety of equipment. ATEX certification aims to use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the European Union.

What is UL/EN60950 and TUV?
UL/EN60950 is the standard to test whether equipment prevents users from electric shock, energy hazards, fire, mechanical hazards, heat hazards, radiation hazards, chemical hazards, Materials and components hazards.

A TUV certification means a sampling of the product has been tested for safety and found to meet the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.

Military Communication Power Supplies - Grand-Tek

Industrial enclosure manufacturers
With a twist with design change in material and design, our enclosure system, robust antenna, mounting bracket can be certified after 6 months. Besides reaching the certifications above, Grand-Tek has leading techniques and professional R&D team to customization and provide efficient solutions for our customers.

Grand-Tek enclosure advantages:

  • 【IP67 Guaranteed】: the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.
  • 【EN60950-22 Ready】: Long-term UV resistance, Corrosion resistance, and prevent the aging of Gasket. This eliminates extra-long process of sourcing and integrating components which only individually meet the UL (F1) standard.
  • 【IK 07-10 ready】: it is protected against up to 20 joules on impact, making it extremely safe & vandal proof.

Grand-Tek antenna advantages:
  • 【Cable gland】: 100% secured with reliable UL approved cable gland and the dust cap.
  • 【Antenna Mounting bracket and adapter board】: stainless mounting bracket and die cast bracket, for wall mount, pole mount, cable mount, ceiling mount.
  • 【Gore Vent membrane technology】: MF-6, PMF-12, PMF-12M to PMF-32 and VSC adhesive series, we stock most of the commonly used vent to against any kinds of extreme weather.