IV. Secured Network & Smart Grid

Smart Pole

Combining functions in one to realize a smart city life.

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Poles are everywhere in the cities, but the functions of poles are not just lighting or supporting wires for electrical power distribution. With the new ideas implementing, the poles right now are quipped with functions, such as hotspots, environmental monitoring, air quality monitoring, roadside emergent assistances, public broadcasting, and charging station, and they become irreplaceable.

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As 5G are getting full-fledged, the digital life shows in the movies are not just empty talk. Grand-Tek with long-term experience in many industries develop sub-system modules with fitting in different outdoor requirements. We provide customized plans and designs according to customers’ requirements with helping to pass many outdoor certifications, and customers don’t need to make new mold to manufacture products. With this, the current mechanism design can be simply fitted in digital city.

Applications of Smart Transportation Solutions - Grand-Tek

Environmental Monitoring

High function sub-system is a big help to monitor extreme weathers.

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In far remote areas or narrow and close environment, human can’t monitor with a close range for a long time. Then we will need M2M (Machine-to-machine) machine to transmit the data to relative systems. From this, we receive the data and command orders from remote..

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In M2M, the system should be long-term operating in the lowest power dissipation, strengthening data transmission power, and the most important thing is adapting in various of extreme environment and weather. Gran-Tek provides systems with IP68 water-proof, and our systems can be combined with outdoor antenna, such as Lora, Sigfox, NB-IOT and related sub-systems to help the products unmanned operate stably in harsh environment.

Artificial Intelligence Sensor

Massive data transmission in high speed to realize AI intelligent monitoring.

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Combining monitoring sensors and AIoT and this uses in many ways, such as images, sound, power and distance and so on. Through massive data comparison, this can be widely-used in factory automation, smart scenes diagnosis, and even business service or criminal prevention.

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Physiological characteristics and environment monitoring need subtle observations. In order to make sure the diagnosis result is accurate; we will need the massive data to diagnose every details that may lead to mistake. Grand-Tek can provide different type of smart sensors. Our smart sensors combine data transmission technology, and they can interpret and transmit the data clearly and accurately when users or objections is mobile.

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