What is the difference between "Indoor" and "Outdoor"?

The erection of modern wireless communication equipment is common. Let people surf the Internet whether they are indoors, walking on the street, or even on a moving train. Indoor communication equipment installation may need to consider the installation angle or location. What needs to be considered when the communication equipment is installed outdoors? It may rain outdoors, so the equipment must have a waterproof levels. The outdoor temperature will change according to the four seasons, so the equipment must be able to withstand the change of high and low-temperature differences. Hurricanes can be encountered outside, so the equipment must be able to withstand strong winds. These are all climate factors that need to be considered in outdoor equipment. The above are the differences between "outdoor" and "indoor".

Grand-Tek Technology has been deeply involved in the outdoor communication subsystem market for many years. We let our customers understand these situations based on our own industry experience. What level of verification is required for the equipment to be waterproof? The equipment operates in an environment with a large temperature difference. What method of testing is required? How much wind can the product withstand and what testing is required?

Grand-Tek has corresponding solutions and verification equipment for the problems, which can help customers solve problems. Assist customers in using "outdoor" equipment that meets safety standards.

What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor? - Grand-Tek