How do Electrical Enclosures Solve Thermal Problems?

With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic equipment has become more sophisticated and high-power, but high power is accompanied by high energy consumption. If the energy consumption cannot be released, it will easily lead to equipment failure and reduce the service life. Therefore, heat dissipation has become a hot topic in the industry.

It is very important to balance the temperature inside and outside the electrical enclosures because heat dissipation is to convert the heat energy inside the device to the outside. So, the external ambient temperature is an important factor affecting heat dissipation efficiency. Electronic devices may have multiple heat sources, such as power supplies or terminal blocks. On the outside of the enclosures, including the installation direction of the casing, the material of the installation wall, and the color of the enclosure will affect the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Grand-Tek Technology's NEMA Enclosure can provide you with a complete heat dissipation solution, with IP67 full protection, dust, and water / NEMA 4 protection certification, and even can be used in the harshest weather conditions.

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