Three methods to help protect equipment from thermal

Do you often notice that your computer starts to get hot after using it for a while? That is because the equipment will generate a lot of thermal energy when it is working. If the excess energy cannot be effectively dissipated, it is easy to cause the equipment to break due to high temperature, which is why we need heat dissipation to transfer heat to other places and reduce the temperature to balance the device with the temperature of the surrounding environment.
Here are three methods of heat dissipation: conduction, convection, and radiation.
Conduction is the movement of the temperature of the entire environment or device from a high temperature to a low temperature until thermal equilibrium is reached.
Convection is a process of heat transfer caused by the relative displacement of various parts of the fluid caused by the macroscopic motion of the fluid, and the mixing of cold and hot fluids with each other, so it can only take place in the fluid.
Radiation is a heat transfer method in which objects use electromagnetic radiation to dissipate heat energy. No medium is required when transferring heat. Any object whose temperature is higher than 0K will release thermal radiation.
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Three methods to help protect equipment from thermal - Grand-Tek