How to use 5G to realize environmental protection and education?

In Australia, a conservation group uses modern drones to monitor marine life such as coral and sea turtles, as well as observe wildlife on land grasslands. Such technology enables long-distance observation without affecting animal ecology.

To share environmental monitoring data and real-time images with the public, use these data to educate local people about environmental protection. The team started using mobile broadband but quickly realized that 4G performance was insufficient for bandwidth- and latency-sensitive applications.

Cradlepoin is one of the project's implementing partners. They chose Grand-Tek Technology's Nema & waterproof outdoor enclosure to ensure the robustness of the equipment.

GTT outdoor solution has more than 20 years of experience, the product has IP67 waterproof standard, and has passed Salt Spray 96hrs to ensure that the equipment can withstand the changing outdoor environment. The use of 5G to transmit relevant data not only improves the transmission delay problem but also the live broadcast can even be output in high-definition, allowing conservation groups to better achieve the educational goal of environmental sustainability.

How to use 5G to realize environmental protection and education? - Grand-Tek

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