Grand-Tek Technology M-smart new series Dual SIM

Grand-Tek Technology is most proud of providing communication equipment for outdoor use, and products with IP67/68 waterproof grade series.
Choose our enclosure to use our M-SMART directly. Get your projects executed quickly.
Due to the waterproof design, our m-smart should also be waterproof. It is an interface design with a diameter of 25 cm. And offers many connection series with different functions. From power, LAN, PoE surge, SIM, LED/reset and circular series for a different function.
And each series also provides a variety of options, for example LED series has one LED+ Reset or 6LED, even if you want to add a USB connector.

Grand-tek M-smart new series Dual SIM - Grand-Tek

Among them, the SIM Series also has a variety of series options. You can choose SIM + Reset or SIM+ Micro USB. And recently we also introduced Dual SIM.

Grand-tek M-smart new series Dual SIM - Grand-Tek

Let your communication equipment function can be upgraded quickly.

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