Realize the virtual experience of【Ready Player One】- WI-FI wireless network router

【Ready Player One】 is a very high-profile movie in recent years. In the movie, after the protagonist wears VR glasses, it is as if he has entered the game world and can do whatever he wants in the virtual reality. This kind of movie plot may be realized in the future.

With the development of Wi-Fi 6 technology, the network speed is faster than Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 4 in the past. In daily life, it can not only realize the Internet of Things at home to make life more convenient, but also watch high-quality 4K images, or use wireless AR/VR devices at home to smoothly experience virtual reality games and virtual worlds in movies.

How to enjoy Wi-Fi 6 at home?

The home network usually uses a home Wi-Fi router to receive and send signals, and the most important receiving and sending device of the router is the antenna. Wi-Fi 6 is compatible with all Wi-Fi technologies in the past, but if you want to transmit Wi-Fi 6, you must have a corresponding antenna that supports it.

How does Grand-Tek Technology upgrade your equipment?

GTT provides multi-band antennas, including Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Antenna/ WiFi-6E Dual Band Antenna/ Robust Outdoor Wi-Fi Dual Band Omni Antenna/ Customized WiFi-6E Antenna.

Realize the virtual experience of【Ready Player One】- WIFI wireless network router - Grand-Tek