Spreading out the hot spot

Under 5G/Wi-Fi 6e communication, electronic products intend to transmit data faster and with higher data rate. When electronic components operate, especially a fan-less or outdoor waterproof systems, heat and energy was generated and accumulated inside the enclosure systems. What make the situation even worse is that the electronic products are getting more compact in dimension and minimization of the weight. To maintain a highly reliable performance and the durability of the equipment, the thermal problem must be solved.
There are many kinds of components that can help dissipate hot spot, such as: Gap Pad/ Adhesive/ Heat Pipe/ Vapor Chamber. The root cause of the thermal problem can be various. On contrary, there are many possible solutions, but you only need one right solution. Grand-tek technology build up a professional thermal and mechanical team and in-house testing chamber. No matter your projects are designed for Indoor application or Outdoor application, just follow our service steps for customized thermal solution to save you cost and time.

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