HRS FH72 Series

Grand-Tek global partner HIROSE, a world leading connector company, responds with advanced and leading-edge development to meet all connector needs. This allows it to supply the world's markets with high value-added products. Recently, HRS release its new product, FH72 Series of flat printed circuit connectors (FPC) for industrial applications.

This is an innovation of connectors. FPC's advantages are one action lock, easy to insert, and assembly with one hand or automated machinery. It improves working performance and reduce mating failure. Click here for more information

Grand-Tek has been with HRS for more than 1 decade partnership, producing original HRS connectors, mini coaxial jumper, ranging from H. FL, U. FL, W. FL, X. FL, etc. Our products are available to ensure the quality as well as to avoid tariff. Welcome to contact Grand-Tek for more information!