Hirose U.FL Connectors

Grand-Tek has been working with Hirose as a key partner, since 2006. We produce original HRS FL series connectors, mini coaxial jumper cables, ranging from H.FL, U.FL, W.FL, X.FL, etc. Because of the experience and unique expertise in designing the smallest cables and connectors of the market, we can produce some as short as 18mm, ie U.FL-LP-088HF-AA-18.

U.FL Series Connector

Grand-Tek HRS U.FL 088/066/068/040 ASSY

Mated Height(mm max.): 1.9mm to 2.4mm

Applicable Frequency: DC~8Ghz
Characteristic Impedance: 50ohm


(1)U.FL-LP-040HF: 1.3 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-068HF: 1.3 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-066HF: 1.3 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-088HF: 1.3 max.
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-068: 1.3 max.
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-088A: 1.3 max.
(3) U.FL-LP(V)-040HF: 1.3 max.

(1)U.FL-LP-040HF: 1.35 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-068HF: 1.4 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-066HF: 1.5 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-088HF: 1.4 max.
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-068: 1.4 max.
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-088A: 1.4 max.
(3) U.FL-LP(V)-040HF: 1.3 max.

(1)U.FL-LP-040HF: 1.4 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-068HF: 1.6 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-066HF: 1.7 max.
(1)U.FL-LP-088HF: 1.4 max.
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-068: 1.5 max.
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-088A: 1.5 max.
(3) U.FL-LP(V)-040HF: 1.3 max.

Applicable Cable Size:
(1)U.FL-LP-040HF(OD 0.81mm)
(1)U.FL-LP-068HF(OD 1.13mm)
(1)U.FL-LP-066HF(OD 1.32mm)
(1)U.FL-LP-088HF(OD 1.37mm)
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-068(OD 1.13mm)
(2) U.FL-LP(P)-088A(OD 1.37mm)
(3) U.FL-LP(V)-040HF(OD 0.81mm)

Applicable Standards:
Wireless LAN Devices (Wi-Fi 6), Bluetooth devices, Car navigation, drone, PDA, GPS, wireless transmission devices, electronic measuring devices, etc.

(1) U.FL Standard Type
(2) U.FL Gold Plated
(3) U.FL-LP(V)


Grand-Tek HRS U.FL 088/066/068/040 ASSY

Mated Height(mm max.):1.4

Applicable Frequency: DC~6Ghz
Characteristic Impedance: 50ohm

DC-3Ghz: 1.3 max.
3-6Ghz: 1.4 max.

Applicable Cable Size:
W.FL-LP-040HF(OD 0.81mm)

Applicable Standards:
Wi-fi 6E, LTE/LTE-Advanced, LPWAN, Bluetooth, GPS

Due to their incredibly small size and operational frequency range, U.FL connectors and assemblies are ideally suited for applications in mobile phones, wireless communication devices, Electronic measuring instruments, GPS, Bluetooth, and all applications requiring a compact, high frequency (6 GHz), coaxial connection.

Grand-Tek Reliable Mini-Coaxial Assemblies HRS U.FL
Grand-Tek HRS U.FL 088/066/068/040 ASSY

Grand-Tek's mass production capacity is up to 150K pcs per day & 3KK pcs monthly. However, initial pre-Mass Production quantities under 1Kpcs per batch are also achievable, feel free to discuss with us.

Also, we offer up to 10 different colours of cable housings for an easier identification within your RF systems. EMI shielded type cable is available for customized jumper cable assembly. We can also advise you on other series or antenna integration, our sales team and engineers are here for further discussion.

For more information, please contact our sales team.