Network standard and devices affect outdoor IoT application

IoT apply on various field, such as smart agriculture, water level monitoring and manage large natural resource, for example gas and oil. On the other hand, it is often used for military and defense market. Recently, Ondas Networks and Rogue Industries had a cooperation to sell its mission critical IoT platform to US government and defense market. The system function including military drones, unmanned aircraft, railways, aviation sector and energy utilities.

For acquiring faster performance, higher secure and more fair cost, Ondas Networks runs its mission critical IoT capabilities (Mc-IoT) through 700MHz spectrum and develop FullMAX radio platform. These systems support the new IEE 802.16s standard, which claims reduced network overheads for max throughputs in narrower channels, compared with WiMAX, and LTE, which both require channel sizes greater than 1.25 MHz. (For more information: )

Wi-Fi 6, which has several advanced features like MU-MIMO, 160-megahertz channels and OFDMA, has long been touted as the right solution for any type of device-dense environments, and a sports stadium certainly falls into that category.

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