NB-IoT and 5G Massive IoT Deployment and Solutions

NB-IoT antenna matters for 5G Massive IoT - Grand-Tek

Soon, 5G is going to commercialized worldwide, it can be seen as one of the benefits for driving better, faster, more reliable machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

What is IoT? Massive IoT vs Critical IoT
There are two categories of IoT, massive IoT and Critical IoT. The former requires a large amount of network data transmission, and the transmission speed is fast, and low latency; the latter requires many sensor nodes and longer battery life. Nowadays, more and more businesses are applying Massive IoT. It can improve the efficiency and offer you big data in short time that help you make greater operational decision.

How to design appropriate NB-IoT antenna?
There are many kinds of antenna for NB-IoT. Roughly, it is almost same as the LTE antenna. But, due to different application field, it has own characters. To design an antenna for NB-IoT application, you need to consider antenna’s frequency, gain, return loss, radiant efficiency, and radiation polar pattern. Grand-Tek offers variety of 5G antennas that suit for outdoor/indoor IoT applications. Additional antenna features include SMA, N Plug, N-Jack, & 2.2-4.0 dBi.

How to expanded IoT deployment with 5G?
5G is a new trend with the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G Ultra Wideband network is aiming to bring transformative possibilities for business. Engineers or 5G-enabled artificial intelligence can monitor miles of power lines, or even entire cities, through the massive deployment of IoT sensors. In the future, utility of IoT devices can operate wirelessly over 5G, enabling them to be rapidly deployed with minimal support infrastructure.

Massive IoT application: Smart agriculture
Smart agriculture is one of the 5G massive IoT applications. To improve yields and crop consistency, optimizing water and labor, growers need to install the devices across the vineyard. However, Humid environment and unpredictable disaster are uncontrollable impacts to massive IoT antennas. Grand-Tek IP67/68 enclosures sub-system is the most reliable solution for growers. Your antennas deserve to be protected by highest waterproof level. Therefore, Grand-Tek wide range of outdoor massive IoT antenna series can be last for up to 10 years in the fields.

Grand-Tek is the right partner for massive IoT application that allows your sensors & devices to sustainably communicate & monitor, even in outdoor environment.