Network is multifunction, come and find out its possibility

Recently, network applied on not only traditional, financial, technology industry and IoT, but also leisure and entertainment industry. For sports, people usually use wireless as a sensor to monitor athletic performance for example speed, angle, or accuracy. On health status, wireless technology can detect heart rate or body temperature. Instead of personal sport improvements, team sport, group interaction and stadium are also affected by network.

For example, Major League Baseball (MLB)'s new goal is to offer better in-stadium experiences for fans, so they decide to improve its ballparks’ network technology from Boston's Fenway Park. The crucial action is to apply Wi-Fi 6 solutions and analytics among ballparks, league teams and sport fans.

Wi-Fi 6, which has several advanced features like MU-MIMO, 160-megahertz channels and OFDMA, has long been touted as the right solution for any type of device-dense environments, and a sports stadium certainly falls into that category.

For MLB, “It's not only a monetization opportunity, but also a better fan experience.” said Extreme Networks' CMO Wes Durow. Such as, cashless, and touch-less environment, more convenient concession stands placement and line management. Moreover, younger generation is coming, they are born in and rely on wireless network. Fans will more involve and enjoy in ball game through customized, personalized, socialized online service. (For more information, click

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