Custom Die-Casting Aluminum Enclosures

What is die-casting aluminum enclosures?

Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is poured or forced into steel molds. In variety of commonly used die-cast metals, aluminum has the best mechanical performance. It has high hardness, strong corrosion and wear resistance that make its ability likes to be steel. For instance, die cast aluminum enclosures usually be applicated to against outdoor hazard weather.

What is die-casting aluminum enclosure process?

There are eleven steps of making die-casting aluminum enclosure. Grand-Tek is a leading enclosure manufacturer, we focused on not only efficiency but quality. Therefore, we request 3 inspections: flatness, hole and thread dimensions and appearance to ensure every detail perfect during process.

die-casting aluminum enclosure process - Grand-Tek

What are the advantages of aluminum die casting enclosure?

There are three common enclosures on the market, die-casting aluminum enclosure, extruded aluminum enclosure and plastic enclosure. Each of them has different application, you can select most appropriate enclosure to meet your requirements. Following is a table to compare three different types of enclosures.

Die-casting aluminum Extruded Aluminum Plastic
Application housing aensitive electronic assemblies in indoor/outdoor environments data systems, sensors, the Internet of Things, medical applications, and a wide range of information systems to protect PCBs suitable for Wi-Fi access points, IoT sensors, controllers, data loggers
  • corrosion-resistance and EMI shielding property
  • thin, lightweight
  • to create very complex cross-sections
  • to work materials that are brittle
  • more cost-effective and lighter
  • plastic cases are electrically insulated
  • plastics have a clean surface with no sharp edges or corners
  • high upfront cost
  • Uncontrollable Porosity
  • Uneven tissue performance of products
  • The working conditions of the extrusion die are harsh and easy to wear out
  • Low production efficiency
  • not suitable for long term outdoor use
  • limited chemical resistance relative to metal
  • not strong enough to against hit

Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Process

The advantage of die casting is that the production speed is fast and suitable for mass production. What’s more, the castings with complex shapes can also be produced. Compared with other castings, a smoother appearance and precise dimensions can be obtained.

How to order a machined enclosure from diecast aluminum?

Now you know what is different between die-casting aluminum, extruded aluminum, and plastic enclosure. To order a machined enclosure, there are some requirements you need to prepare at first:

  • Spec requirement
  • Interface requirement (n-type, m25, SMA….)
  • PCB dimension
  • Waterproof requirement
  • Heatsink requirement

Grand-Tek offer you best choice to manufacture your die-casting aluminum enclosure. Our enclosures have been guaranteed multiple certifications, such as IP67, EN60950-22, and IK 07-10. Besides, our engineering service extending to design and development of customized & non-standard interfaces is also available. If you have questions, get in touch with us! We will help you find the right enclosure to meet your electronic design needs.

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