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Green policy


Environmental issues are a major concern for us, being an industrial and a wireless systems supplier. We do our best to reduce our impacts in daily life, and for this reason we are committed to always respect the laws and regulations related to social responsibilities and ethics, in our work.

Grand-Tek formulated the "HSF Technical Standard” and "REACH Announcement" in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on the control of hazardous substances. This technical standard effectively prohibits the use of hazardous substances in our products.

Let’s work hand to hand for the health of our planet and living siblings.



RoHS (Restriction of the use of some Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronics Equipment) was issued by the EU in 2002. The main purpose is to regulate electronic product manufacturers, the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, and restrict the use of toxic substances. In order to comply with the requirements of environmental protection regulations RoHS 2.0. Grand-Tek Technology conducts investigations on the items delivered by suppliers to prevent materials from hazardous substances. Grand-Tek Technology conducts investigations on the items delivered by suppliers to prevent materials from hazardous substances, including components and products. We try our best to reduce the impact of harmful substances on the whole ecosystem. For more information, please click.



REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) is the European Union's laws and regulations on all chemicals entering the EU market, compulsory registration, evaluation and licensing, and implementation of safety monitoring. The main purpose is to promote human health and the environment. Protection from harmful substances. Grand-Tek Technology agrees and guarantees that all products, equipment or raw materials shipped to Grand-Tek Technology must fully comply with REACH regulations. For more information, please click.


conflict-minerals Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals refer to minerals mined in situations of armed conflicts and violations of human rights. The United States passed a decree on "conflict minerals" in 2010 to reveal whether the source of conflict minerals used in product manufacturing comes from improper control of labor and illegal activities. Human rights treatment of the mining areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries. Based on the practice of corporate social responsibility and international justice, Grand-Tek Technology strictly controls Tin/Tungsten/Tantalum/Gold (3TG) and other metal materials commonly used in products and issued a statement. For more information, please click.


Green policy