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LMR Cable Series

Standard LMR - Grand-Tek

Standard LMR®

Standard LMR® is the industry standard in high-performance broadband, flexible, low-loss 50 Ohm coaxial cables. Features include 100% effective shielding; available as pre-terminated assemblies; and rugged UV, sunlight and weather resistance.

LMR 100/ LMR 195/LMR 200/LMR 240/LMR 400/LMR 600

LMR LW - Grand-Tek


Lighter weight version of the LMR® cable, which keeps excellent performance & insertion loss.

Lightweighted LMR 100/ LMR 195/LMR 200/LMR 240/LMR 400/LMR 600

LMR Ultra Flex - Grand-Tek

LMR® Ultra Flex

Ultra-Flex has a stranded center conductor and rubber outer jacket designed for multiple bending/flexing cycles. It is used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ultra flexible LMR 100/ LMR 195/LMR 200/LMR 240/LMR 400/LMR 600

Silverline series - Grand-Tek

Silverline® series

Siliverline® series is cost effective, durable, high performance, which also an ideal cable designed for field and laboratory test environments.

Wide testing range: 8, 26.5, and 40GHz
Industry-leading performance,
unparalleled value testing cable

Clarity series - Grand-Tek

Clarity™ series

The Clarity series of coaxial test cables for 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, and 40 GHz applications feature steel torque, compression, and over-bend protection while maintaining flexibility.

Crimping, clamping, stripping hand tool and bag

Accessories - Grand-Tek


We also provide a wide range of tools & kits to make installations easier

Crimping, clamping, stripping hand tool and bag

ATFlex - Grand-Tek


TFlex® has been widely adopted for both military and commercial communication systems. Its Teflon FEP jacket provides excellent protection in corrosive environments and its flexible nature eliminates the need for hand or precision machine bending.

TFlex 401/ TFlex 402/ TFlex 405
Meets all MIL-C-17 Requirements
Cutoff Frequency: 60GHz
Low Passive Intermod (PIM)
Stable Loss, Phase and VSWR vs. Flexingv Uses Standard Solder-on Semirigid Connectors