III. Telecommunication

Emergency Communication

Controlling the environment with high accuracy and rescue from disaster in time.

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New technology broadens the new perspective on disaster relief. We can use AI to predict disasters, have latest images and set up 3D module from disaster areas though 5G. Though this, we can control or predict the disaster before happened. Also, during operating the relief actions, we can precisely figure out the areas where the disaster are occurring. After that, we can evaluate and analyze the disasters and prevent from happening again and reduce the numbers of injured people.

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When it comes to disaster relief, we have to use independent root domain to wireless communication system with confronting many irresistible factors. Grand-Tek has weapons-grade products developing and manufacturing abilities. The power suppliers we manufacture are passed European union (UE) ATEX, and the sub-system even reaches the IK09 rating. Our products can be used in different risky environments, and we ensure the wireless communication working stably. In addition to this, we can help you run impact testing and get the related certifications.

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