Telecommunication Gateway & Router Infrastructure

Telecommunication Gateway & Router Infrastructure - Grand-Tek

Grand-Tek has over 10 years of outdoor telecommunication gateway and router infrastructure design experience. Combining our outdoor antenna, enclosure and die-cast bracket, together with integration service, we promise to provide you a perfectly suitable yet easy selection of telecommunication infrastructure.
Grand-Tek in-house RF design capability brings the full coverage from Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi to LTE(4G, 5G) antenna.
Our mechanical design service ensures every parts functions well in extreme weather conditions, including tropical to polar area, humid to dry country and windy coastline

For harsh environment and remoted area, reliable connection is the only way to stay communication with the world. Grand-Tek test our antenna under very strict limits and compliance with most telecom and industrial standard. This lovely compact house with solar system in Victoria, Australia, together with a fixed wireless antenna installation on the rooftop, design and manufacutured by Grand-Tek, to ensure you are always connected!