II. Applications of Smart Transportation Solutions

Smart Railway

Accurate monitoring on railways leads to a safe way home.

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As a convenient transportation on the road, trains carry millions of people and goods everyday and it’s needless to say that safety is an important issue to it. Through the accurate monitoring and controlling the surroundings around train and railways precisely, of course, safety is the only way to the destination.

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The trains run at a high speed in long time, and monitoring system causes damage easily because of strong vibration and friction. Then it has a strong effect on the accuracy of signal transmission and the safety during the travelling. Grand-Tek provides customized Antenna sub-system and assembly services with high strength vibration test and weather resistance test to ensure the stability of signal transmission.

Applications of Smart Transportation Solutions - Grand-Tek

V2X Communication

Strong shockproof V2X brings a comfortable riding experience.

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As the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) ruled that car produced before 2023 should install car to car communication devices, meanwhile, the standard of ITS-G5 and 3GPP C-V2X from Europe is ongoing as well. The parking sensors, car sensors, autopilot and so on are car standard equipment nowadays.

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Starting with automobile cable production, in 2013, Grand-Tek planned layout for V2X wireless technology and applications to optimize the product details and specifications. We focus on shortening assembling time of automobile cables and use metal FAKRA to increase the loading weights and shockproof. through vibration test, we can ensure the safety and stability of the products. Also, our DSRC antenna and RSU are certificated by OmniAir with fast and standard installation.

Cold Chain Management

Adapting to different temperatures to ensure cold train management.

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The electronic business is thriving, and because of Covid-19 virus, on-line fresh food business is associated to our daily life closely. During the fresh food delivering, temperature is the key point to retain freshness and this is the Achilles’ heel of cold chain management. Then it’s important to anyone who can get the control of making cold chain management intelligent first and hold a small portion of this.

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Monitoring temperatures within different products in cold chain management is the key point. From produce, process, shortage to delivery, we have to monitor the temperatures precisely to ensure the product quality. Grand-Tek provides customized sub-system and assembly services in monitoring different temperatures. This ensures the monitoring system to precisely control the temperatures in different condition and makes sure the product quality delivering in good condition.

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