GPS application

The first GPS satellite was launched in February 1978. Before that, humans could only find their way using a compass or a map. With the development of GPS, now you only need to turn on your mobile phone to navigate to any place you want to go. With the development of Internet technology, many applications have also been extended. Example: GPS is used in precision agriculture to provide farmers with accurate data on crop yields and soil conditions. It could also be used by emergency services, such as ambulances and fire trucks, to help them get to their destination quickly.

GPS application fields are usually outdoor places. The GPS antenna-Mushroom antenna launched by Grand-tek technology has not only the basic IP 67 waterproof rating, but also the IK 09 protection rating. The volume is only 55.0mm (OD)x64.0mm(W). Mushroom antenna is a small but sturdy durable antenna.

GPS application - Grand-Tek