5G Indoor & Outdoor Cellular Antennas

According to Ericsson's latest mobility report, the number of 5G users in the world is expected to reach 1 billion by the end of 2022, compared with the development speed of 4G, 5G can be described as rapid growth, Ericsson also predicts that the number of 5G users will surpass that of 4G in 2027 and become the mainstream communication technology.

Grand-tek technology also designed 7 new NPI17-5G antennas in response to the rapid growth of 5G, the NPI17 series are fully standardized products, enabling manufacturers to quickly introduce and reduce the waiting time for customization, the high protection factor of IP68 also makes the NPI17 antenna suitable for many devices, whether it is indoor or outdoor, heavy rain or bright sun, it can stably transmit every message.

5G is expected to become the mainstream communication technology on the market in a few years, so it is the consensus of all companies to start deploying related equipment from now on, GTT will be your best partner and strongest backing, and will work with you on the road of 5G to create a bright future together.

5G Indoor & Outdoor Cellular Antennas - Grand-Tek