Wi-Fi 7 is coming!!!

As mobile communications entered the 5G era in 2018, Wi-Fi also entered the sixth generation - Wi-Fi6 in the same year. The transmission rate is not much different from 5G, and it has the advantage of low latency, making Wi-Fi6 a complementary technology in the 5G communication environment, and launching a higher specification Wi-Fi6E technology in 2020. However, technological progress will never stop. While Wi-Fi6/ Wi-Fi6E has just become the mainstream technology in the market, the latest generation of technology, Wi-Fi7, will come out in 2023.

The transmission speed of Wi-Fi7 is faster than that of Wi-Fi6 in the past. WI-FI7 not only increases the transmission speed but also increases the transmission capacity. The transmission capacity of WI-FI 7 is larger, and the transmission capacity is equivalent to 5 times that of WI-FI6/6E.

Wi-Fi 7 can achieve lower latency and better power efficiency. In response to the ever-increasing demand for connections. The world of the Internet of Everything is not far away.

The high transmission capacity and low latency of Wi-Fi7 make users curious about this latest generation of Wi-Fi. As many international manufacturers have successively proposed the future development of Wi-Fi7, it also makes everyone look forward to the arrival of the era of Wi-Fi 7 specifications and standards in 2023. Grand-Tek will also follow the progress of science and technology to develop Wi-Fi7-related applications, please stay tuned!

Wi-Fi 7 is coming!!! - Grand-Tek