The first IoT device standard-Matter 1.0

Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) officially launched the Matter 1.0 standard on November 3rd and simultaneously opened the certification program. This news immediately caused echoes from major industries, but what exactly is Matter?

The Matter protocol is an IoT standard that operates over network IP connections. By formulating a unified specification, more IoT devices will no longer be separated by various connection protocols, thereby promoting the accelerated development of the IoT industry, and laying the foundation for the future development of IoT applications.

With the release of the final 1.0 standard, CSA will also conduct relevant product certification through authorized testing laboratories and develop standard testing tools. So far, several large companies have joined the Matter protocol and shared their own IoT connectivity technologies, allowing more brands of IoT devices to connect smoothly.

It is hoped that the release of the Matter 1.0 protocol will promote the convenience and popularization of the interconnection and use of various IoT devices, and at the same time drive the prosperity of related industries to create a better family.

The first IoT device standard-Matter 1.0 - Grand-Tek