Grand-Tek Technology ranks among the 2022 TOP5000 Large Enterprises.

The Taiwan Top 5000 Companies ranking is a ranking survey conducted by the China Credit Information Service for private enterprises with annual revenue of NT$100 million or more. The survey has been conducted since 1970 and has a history of more than 50 years. It ranks the most credible companies.

Grand-Tek Technology technology achieved a record high revenue last year and was selected into the TOP5000 large-scale enterprise rankings. Among them, GTT ranked in the top 20 in Taiwan in the ranking of wireless communication machinery and equipment industry.

Public and Private Enterprises Mixed Ranking: 2705th

Manufacturing Industry Net Revenue Ranking: 1465th

Wireless Communication Machinery Industry Ranking: 20th

With the rapid development of the global 5G market, the layout of low earth orbit satellites. 5G enters the Open RAN generation and various types of network communication and long-distance applications are emerging. In response to the strong growth momentum, GTT will continue to focus on improving production capacity and R & D capabilities, and continue to achieve good results.

Grand-tek technology ranks among the 2022 TOP5000 Large Enterprises. - Grand-Tek