Mushroom GPS/GNSS Antenna

Since the invention of GPS positioning, people have started to use fewer maps or can only really find directions. Coupled with the invention of Internet technology, GPS positioning has become more widely used. Example: Navigation system.

Navigation systems are widely used in our daily life, on boats, in airplanes, in cars, and even on our mobile phones. GPS positioning has become an integral part of our daily life. GPS positioning is to use satellites and ground receiving devices to transmit signals, and the transmission time can be used to measure the distance and understand the location.

Mushroom GPS/GNSS Antenna - Grand-Tek

The receiving device on the ground is the "GPS antenna". Grand-Tek Technology exclusively designs the mushroom antenna, which can be installed outdoors and has an IP67 waterproof rating. And after the protection test, the protection level reaches IK09. The antenna height is only 64MM, while the diameter is 55MM. It is small and has different connectors to choose from N-Plug/N-Jack/SMA-Plug. It can be directly matched with GTT NEMA enclosure to provide industrial outdoor system solutions.

Mushroom GPS/GNSS Antenna - Grand-Tek
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Grand-tek technology not only provides Mushroom GPS/GNSS(L1/L5) Outdoor Antenna, but also Outdoor/AutomobileIP67 GPS/GNSS/LTE Combo Wedge Flylead Antenna/Super Combo GPS/GNSS Antenna, we can provide suitable for your project GPS antenna.

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