Grand-Tek Technology unique design-E-switch

The network signal is sometimes limited by space environment factors, and it may be difficult to receive the signal at the edge of the space. Therefore, the router will install an external antenna to enhance the signal transmission distance. To install the external antenna, the circuit board of the device will have an electronic switch to change the direction of operation of the signal source. In this way, existing devices can be directly upgraded, and even second-generation models can be quickly launched.

Commonly used RF connectors are automatic. A common practice is to further process the SMA connector and embed a spring in the connector, which can become an auto-electronic switch. But doing so is not only time-consuming but also costly.

Grand-Tek Technology understands what customers care about. We introduce unique design-E-switch. E-switch is to install plastic components on the outside of the existing standard SMA connector, which can be turned into an electronic switch.

Grand-tek unique design-E-switch - Grand-Tek

E-switch is uniquely designed by GTT, which can not only reduce the cost , but also can produce it by ourself, so it is easy to control the delivery time.

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