Grand-Tek Technology Smart City Solution – Turnkey solution for Smart Pole

With the advent of the 5G generation that represent the transmission delay can be drastically reduced while the amount of data transmitted can also be increased.  In response to the characteristics of 5G, the application of the Internet of Things has become more extensive, and even in cities, the layout of smart cities has begun to be developed.

Among them, the construction of smart poles is an important key to the development of smart cities. Because of the density of the light poles, we can install the small cell base station on they at multiple points. It not only reduces the obstacles of signal connection, but also makes the light pole intelligent, which represent they can contain many functions, including EV charging, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, etc.

Grand-Tek Technology can integrate outdoor wireless communication systems and has a lot of integration experience in the industry. With our Outdoor Cellular(LTE) Antennas and GLB enclosures installed on existing light poles, these light poles can be upgraded to the smart poles in a short time.

We offer lots of outdoor-grade products that certified by many tests, including IP67 waterproof rating, salt spray test 96hrs and so on. If you are interested in what certifications we pass, feel free to contact us. Also, our machine operating temperature ranges from -40°C to 120°C, which means they are suitable for extreme environments. We also provide customized services according to customer needs, and for more information please contact us.

Grand-tek Smart City Solution – Turnkey solution for Smart Pole - Grand-Tek

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