Earth Day - Let the Earth breathe.

In recent years, the ecology has gradually lost its balance. In 2019, Amazon rainforest fires burned more than 600 million trees, an area equivalent to 40 Taipei cities. In 2020, the temperature record of 20 degrees Celsius in Antarctica was measured for the first time, which is equivalent to the temperature in autumn and winter in Taipei. Global warming has caused the sea level to rise, human beings are facing the threat of extreme climate, and the issue of climate change cannot be delayed.

Today (2022/4/22) is Earth Day and the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. It is normal for companies to adopt sustainable policies and low-carbon transformation. Grand-tek technology has continued to implement relevant policies in recent years. Push for digitization policy to reduce paper usage. Obtained certification of hazardous substance process management system for electronic parts and products, including REACH, RoHS. Avoid the production process to reduce the harm to the environment.

Grand-tek technology stands with the earth and continues the low-carbon transformation. Choose suppliers who are environmentally friendly and willing to take carbon reduction actions. Change the way producers treat the environment and jointly maintain the ecological environment.

Earth Day - Let the Earth breathe. - Grand-Tek