"New Space" Satellite Application - Low Earth Orbit Satellite Development

In the post-epidemic era, the demand for wireless communication has increased, and countries have paid more attention to the development of communication equipment. In recent years, low earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology has risen. Compared with the low-frequency signals used by high-orbit satellites, this signal is characterized by slower intensity attenuation, which is suitable for high earth orbit satellites that are far away from the earth, but the disadvantage is that less data can be transmitted. LEO satellite can use high-frequency signal transmission because they are closer to the earth, so they can increase the amount of data transmitted and the transmission speed and can also make up for the weak signal problem in remote areas.
ST Microelectronics simplifies the design and mass production of a new generation of LEO satellites. The construction of LEO satellites can be further improved. Low-cost and reliable low-orbit satellites will rapidly improve services such as broadband networks.

Why LEO satellites are relevant for IoT/V2X ?

In recent years, the IoT and the V2X have been widely used in many fields, and the signal strength will affect the networking function. Therefore, the arrangement of LEO satellites can increase the signal coverage. For industrial applications such as sea port automation or smart farms. It has a great help for the Industrial IoT.
In view of the fact that the LEO satellite communication uses a frequency 5G band millimeter wave signal.

Grand-tek can help

Grand-tek technology has many relevant practical cases for the integration of the IoT /V2X, and also provides options for communication components, including Indoor & Outdoor Cellular 5G antennas, RF/Coaxial Cable Assemblies, NEMA & Waterproof Outdoor Subsystem Integration, etc.

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