Currently, Wi-Fi mainly uses two frequency bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. At present, the newly opened frequency band is 6 GHz, which is now called Wi-Fi 6E. At present, the latest Wi-Fi technology is built under the 802.11ac standard, which increases efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. The new generation of 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard is also known as Wi-Fi - Fi 6 new and existing networks enable faster connections via the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard, which enables enterprises and service providers to support emerging applications with the same WLAN infrastructure.
Wi-Fi 6E can not only relieve the situation of network connection, but also provide high-speed data transmission, making data uploading faster, and 802.11ax allows access points to support more users in dense environments and enjoy high-definition audio and video. For indoor IoT applications, the transmission is smoother between each device. Coupled with a wide frequency band, it can provide more accurate positioning and bring more application functions to the indoor Internet of Things.
Wi-Fi 6E has many advantages, but because of its high frequency characteristics, its penetration is weaker. Grand-tek Technology has full range WLAN Antenna solution capabilities and can provide corresponding professional advice whether it is Industrial IoT/outdoor/cellular network. Grand-tek Technology also provides WiFi-6E Dual Band Antenna/WiFi-6E Super Combo Antenna/ WiFi-6E Embedded Antennas.
Using the Internet in large public spaces can be smoother.

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