LoRaWAN® Class B Smart Application

Since the development of IoT technology, and the emergence of LoRa technology. Its low power consumption, low cost and long-distance transmission characteristics have led to more and more wide-ranging applications. For example: smart agriculture, smart buildings, transportation infrastructure, and healthcare applications, etc.

The LoRaWAN network architecture is composed of application server, network server, gateway, and end node. The connection method is divided into three levels: Class A/ Class B/ Class C, where class B is the terminal and the server will transmit data in a timed manner. Such a setting structure is very helpful for applications such as smart meters returning data information and monitoring air quality.

Under the LoRaWAN network, the gateway is connected to the end node. Most of the end nodes are sensors. The device receives and sends signals through antenna transmission. Grand-tek technology provides all kinds of antennas, whether it is LoRa Embedded Antennas/ Outdoor Lora Antenna/ LoRa Omni Antenna/ Outdoor IP-67 OMNI Antenna For LoRa Band. All are our main force. For the challenges encountered in the integration of various application fields, Grand-tek technology focuses on Industrial IoT solution and can provide the most professional advice according to customer needs.

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