UWB expands multiple application markets

Ultra-Wideband technology has been used in products since Apple. Everyone is curious about this technology. UWB is a communication protocol like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The difference lies in its unique pulse signal, which allows UWB to have higher security and accurate positioning.

UWB has the advantages of strong anti-interference performance, high transmission rate, low power consumption, low transmission power and high security. At present, UWB has been widely discussed and can be applied to door locks and tracking and positioning functions. Therefore, it can be applied to many scenarios, including warehouse management, smart door locks in office buildings, indoor positioning in public parking lots, etc.

In response to the rise of UWB, relevant general specification alliances have also been established, and UWB applications will have more room for development in the future. At present, facing various technical challenges, the antenna is the biggest factor affecting the performance of the UWB system. How to integrate the antenna into the machine? How to play effectively in the field? Grand-tek Technology provides antenna solutions. Services covering from design validation, product compliances. Give the most professional advice on each project.

UWB expands multiple application markets - Grand-Tek