The small vent is Indispensable

Because outdoor electronic equipment is installed outdoors, how to deal with climatic and environmental factors is an important issue. Basic waterproof function is necessary. Due to the influence of the atmospheric environment, the inside of the equipment may produce water vapor due to changes in the pressure environment. It is easy to damage the electronic components in the equipment.

In order to solve the condensation problem, GORE® Protective Vents can make the internal and external pressure of the equipment consistent, allow air exchange, and the structural design is easy to install, so that GORE® Protective Vents such as PMF100321, PMF100320, PMF100586, PMF100585 can be applied to a wide range of equipment, such as outdoor base stations, outdoor monitoring systems and outdoor tracking system. The GORE® Protective Vents – Screw-In Series (PMF200444, PMF200400) is currently being launched. It is made of stainless steel, which can withstand mechanical stress and harsh environments for a long time. In addition to the basic advantages of oleophobic, hydrolytic stability, UV resistance and high temperature resistance. The Screw-In Series, now the top-rated “IK10” for mechanical impact resistance. The high-strength protection level can also allow the 20-liter shell to withstand harsh and complex external environments.

Grand-tek technology cooperates with GORE®. Our nema & Waterproof Enclosure is equipped with GORE® Protective Vents to ensure that the equipment can withstand the external environment and make outdoor communication more stable.

The small vent is Indispensable - Grand-Tek