low altitude satellite link worldwide

Network transmission technology is growing maturity, and the world has gradually entered the 5G era. Since VR or AR technology has gradually matured, coupled with the impact of COVID-19. People must change their lifestyle, including: remote working, conference call, and even virtual exhibitions, people are increasingly demanding communication transmission.

In response to the explosive growth of communication bandwidth and transmission rate requirements, the construction of low-orbit satellites has been quietly launched. low altitude satellite is closer to the earth. Due to their closer distance, the delay of data transmission is low, and it can solve network signals in remote areas. The problem of instability makes up for the gap in the ground network, but to achieve this ideal, more satellites need to be deployed and connected to the ground receiving end equipment to achieve overall communication stability.

Grand-tek Technology provides user terminal receiving antenna products, including Indoor & Outdoor Cellular (LTE) Antennas/Satellite LSC band Antenna or DSRC Antenna & C-V2X-Automotive. There are quite a lot of application examples and production experience for ground receiving equipment. Whether in Wi-Fi routers or car equipment, different frequency band antennas can be provided according to customer needs. Connect all parts of the world more closely.

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