Hirose Electric’s New BM50 Series.

The demand for smart phones from customers is increasing, and the functions of smart phones are also increasing. In particular, the mobile phones demand light and thin appearance, higher-end mobile phone functions, increased power consumption of linked power, and increased demand for battery capacity of mobile phones. The battery capacity increases the battery charging time, which shows the importance of fast charging. With the advancement of smart phone functions, various problems arise from the need to optimize the battery connector, and the connector should be small in size and have high power supply capacity.

Hirose developed Electric’s New BM50 Series to solve these problems. They succeeded in reducing the installation area by about 40%, which helped to reduce the space used inside the equipment. Although the BM50 is small, it can provide a high current of 15A. The complete design of BM50 has been recognized as a CES® Innovation Awards Honoree in the Mobile Devices & Accessories category. Grand-Tek Technology pleasure to congratulate the corporate partner- Hirose on winning the CES® Innovation Awards in the world's largest consumer electronics trade show. Grand-Tek Technology will also work together with global corporate partners to provide more innovative products and services.

Hirose Electric’s New BM50 Series. - Grand-Tek