Practicing IoT applications-Edge AI

With the rise of the Internet of Things technology, the amount of data uploaded to the cloud is increasing. Long-distance transmission will cause the transmission time to become longer, and even the network may be disconnected, resulting in data transmission failure. Faced with the instability of the wide area network, solve the problem-Edge AI appears. Edge AI combines smart AI and edge computing. In general cloud computing, the process is to upload data to the cloud for processing, and then return to the destination. This method often results in slow data transmission and high processing costs. The edge calculation is equivalent to setting a stop point in the general path, and such a stop point can be set near the use location, so that the data can be processed and returned at a close distance. With intelligent AI computing assistance, this processing method can make the processing efficiency of the entire process faster and reduce costs.

Using wireless network transmission, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, LTE, 5G, GPS & GNSS, Satellite, etc., the speed of data transmission becomes faster, and the processing method of Edge AI can make data processing more efficient and greatly change the operation mode of cloud computing, so that the cloud can be used evolve from centralized operation to decentralized operation, optimizing processing efficiency.

Regardless of whether it is supporting Edge AI or the Internet of Things, wireless transmission technology and outdoor system is required, and Grand-Tek Technology focuses on the development of hybrid wireless communication subsystems and multiple antenna integration. The service is targeting LTE/ 5G-FR1/ Wifi 6E /Wifi 6 /Lora hybrid/ NB-IoT/ LPWAN/ Cat-M multi frequency band outdoor gateway, router, small cell, micro cell, base stations, etc. Whether the equipment required industrial grade or outdoor weatherproof protection, Grand-Tek Technology understand your field-installation cases and various user experiences. Contact us for further technical discussion.

Practicing IoT applications-Edge AI - Grand-Tek